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My life started in July of 1985 where I was born in Lansdale PA.

Dancing in my Sunglasses ;)

Teddy! I took my teddy bear everywhere!

My younger brother & I grew up playing outside.

At the age of 7 I started Dance. I was in the studio M-F growing up, it was my life! Don’t ask me to dance today.

In 2003, I graduated from Lehighton H.S. and decided to go to Antonelli Institute to pursue a career in photography!

After 6 years together, I married my best friend, Rick, in September of 2008. He’s my rock.

Our family started when we welcomed our baby boy, Ricky, into our world.

2 years later we gave Ricky a brother and best friend who we named Levi. He’s a momma’s boy & will make you laugh.

Just 19 months later we welcomed our 3rd son, William, into our family! {Yes, I'm very out numbered at home!}

The boys keep growing (Our OBX trip in 2013)

Rick & 1 celebrated 5 years Married and 11 years together in September 2013.

I love all the little moments we create as a family!

When I find the time, I love to run!

This past year, I ran my 1st half marathon!

Now I have 6 beautiful kiddos <3

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