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Lynn & Lee met in college and soon become good friends.

A picture during one of our many trips - NYC 2007 -

Planning! In 2007, we started throwing around ideas of partnering up and forming L&L Photography.

Lee was the Maid of Honor in Lynn's Wedding - 2008 -

Lee became a proud God Mother of Lynn's first son Ricky

How we keep up with those toddlers ...


Welcoming Lynns 3rd son, William, into the world <3

It's the little things in life.

Fun in the SUN!

Lee with her Godson Ricky. He's getting so BIG!

Movie Dates

Run Run Run!

Run Run Run!

the boys (minus Sara's Will) at OCNJ 2016

Sara's 5 kids + Christine's 1- OCNJ 2018

Christine and Sara | July 2020

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