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Alyssa | Class of 2018 | Tamaqua H.S.

It's so rewarding and inspiring to be asked to capture young, photogenic, talented Seniors, like Alyssa! As she prepares to celebrate the final year of her high school career and anticipates her future endeavors, L&L was able to freeze this exciting time and showcase some of her favorite activities. When photographing graduating Seniors, we love the opportunity to let their personalities shine in beautiful, natural settings.

For Alyssa's session, we photographed her at our studio, on Bull Run Farm, by our rustic stone wall and in the vibrant, summery high grass. We then traveled to her high school, where we got to learn more about this accomplished athlete! She competes in the javelin event, winning the state championship in her Junior year! During this on-site session, she even threw it for us a few times, so that we could take some shots of her in action! We closed out this exciting session on the soccer field, where she displayed more of her athletic skills.

Alyssa, you were such a joy to photograph! We appreciate your willingness to go along with our ideas. We hope the memories shared in these photos stay with you for a lifetime!

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