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Welcome Hanna Lynn

Hello! It's Sara Lynn, Mom of now 4 boys and 1 girl.

Last year went by so quickly as we welcomed our 5th child into our family.

Now that we are in L&L's slower month, I'm not running to 3 different sports every evening, and the holidays are over, I wanted to share some of the amazing photographs Christine Lee took of myself and my family as we celebrated:

-The journey of our newest (and last!?) pregnancy

-Finding out our 5th would be a GIRL

- Her fresh 48 session at the hospital

- Newborn portraits in the studio

In early March, we found out we would be adding 2 more little feet to our family.

Let's quickly do the math 2 x 4 = 8 feet + 2 more feet = 10 little feet running around in our house! Can you hear all that noise? Yes, we may be a little crazy, but we can't image our life or family any other way.

We told the boys in a fun way...they each opened a bag with their birth order number on it. Once they all opened their bags, we gave them a 5th bag where they found the little '5' shirt with her ultra sound picture. They were thrilled! Christine came over one day before a session we had, and took this fun shot of all of us on our bed.

On May 17th (16 weeks), we went in for a fun gender-reveal ultrasound. On this day, we would find out if we would have FIVE BOYS or if we would change it up and add a little Princess to our crew. Although my pregnancy symptoms were different this time (wanting lots of sugar, feeling sick 24/7 in the early weeks) I went in ready to hear we would be adding another handsome boy. Being a boy mom is pretty awesome, but when you have 4 boys already, you can't help but want to add a little girl, right?! After the ultrasound, our tech shared the results with Christine (who did an amazing job of not giving it away). She grabbed the balloon for us to pop.

Here's what happened...

and to much of our surprise, we found out we would be having a GIRL!

At 36 Weeks (before our L&L Fall Mini Sessions) Christine Lee took

Maternity pictures of me and my baby bump.

At 38 weeks, on October 24th at 12:00am, I woke with contractions that grew stronger by the minute. We called my mother-in-law to come stay with the boys, and we left the house at 12:15am for the hospital. From there Rick, wheeled me quickly up to Labor and Delivery, where the nurses and Dr. quickly prepped me to deliver. We were in the hospital for less than an hour and at 1:38am we welcomed Hanna Lynn Loraine Moyer into our family. We have been blessed with four handsome boys and now a beautiful little girl too. Our family is complete.

Christine came in 12 hours after birth to photograph Hanna's Fresh 48. We let the boys get out of school early to come meet their sister. They fell in love with her instantly!

These are pictures we will treasure forever. <3

At 3 days old, Hanna was in the L&L Photography Studio for her newborn portraits.

Here are just a few from her session with us.

Hanna is now 2 months old, smiling and talking. I still have moments where I just can't believe we have this beautiful little girl in our family. I hope you enjoyed reading and seeing the pictures of our last 10 months.

A special thank you to my business partner and friend, Christine, for being there to photograph all of these pictures. I will treasure them forever. You are the best!

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